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Armies of Chaos

As the favoured champions of the Chaos Gods, the Heretic Astartes are blessed with many gifts. They may have profane boons bestowed upon them which grant unnatural strength and resilience, or horrific weapon-mutations that can peel the flesh from a foe with sickening ease. All manner of hideous creatures dwell within the warp, a hellish, roiling dimension in which the greatest passions and fears of mortal creatures are given terrible form. Acts of monstrous atrocity or foul ritual can weaken the barriers between realms, unleashing the nightmare of a daemonic incursion into realspace. Led by horrifically powerful Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes – mortals who have been granted the gift of Daemonhood – these profane hosts fight alongside bands of Heretic Astartes and crazed cultists.
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